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Page AttributeOccurrenceSEO and SERP Influence
Page Load Time100.00 %ImportantNegative
Keyword count in Description31.21 %InfluencingPositive
Keyword count in Domain22.19 %ImportantPositive
Keyword count in H132.69 %RelevantNegative
Keyword count in Body79.84 %RelevantPositive
Keyword count in Meta Keywords24.51 %RelevantPositive
Keyword count in Title70.39 %MinimalMinimal
Keyword count in URI64.20 %ImportantPositive
URI Domain length100.00 %ImportantNegative
URI with WWW70.31 %ImportantPositive
URI With question mark7.46 %RelevantNegative
URI With Ampersand2.39 %MinimalMinimal
URI Slashes count100.00 %ImportantNegative
URI Length100.00 %ImportantNegative
HTTP Header Total count99.09 %InfluencingNegative
HTTP Header Status Code99.05 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Accept-Ranges23.14 %RelevantPositive
HTTP Header Age1.83 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Cache-Control51.43 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Cache-Control Value must-revalidate18.75 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Cache-Control Value no-cache18.81 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Cache-Control Value no-store12.54 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Cache-Control Value private19.98 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Cache-Control Value proxy-revalidate0.75 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Cache-Control Value public3.82 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Connection43.81 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Content-Encoding51.99 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Content-Language6.90 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Content-Length61.14 %InfluencingPositive
HTTP Header Content-Location0.14 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Content-Type98.17 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Etag16.49 %RelevantPositive
HTTP Header Expires1.40 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Keep-Alive1.79 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Last-Modified0.02 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Link0.43 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Location1.46 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Microsoftofficewebserver1.17 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header P3P7.92 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Pragma18.33 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Server94.54 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Set-Cookie36.00 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Status1.96 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Transfer-Encoding33.68 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Vary48.59 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header Via4.60 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header X-Aspnet-Version7.82 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header X-Cache4.11 %InfluencingNegative
HTTP Header X-Cacheable1.42 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header X-Content-Type-Options3.43 %InfluencingNegative
HTTP Header X-Frame-Options2.26 %InfluencingNegative
HTTP Header X-Hacker1.16 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header X-Pingback0.02 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header X-Powered-By40.86 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header X-Runtime1.84 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header X-UA-Compatible2.46 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header X-Varnish3.98 %MinimalMinimal
HTTP Header X-XSS-Protection2.14 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Title87.12 %RelevantNegative
Head Tag Right JavaScript and CSS order34.28 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Total Count88.05 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel alternate25.15 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel apple-touch-icon6.16 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel apple-touch-icon-precomposed1.92 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel canonical22.81 %RelevantNegative
Head Tag Link Rel copyright1.61 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel edit1.03 %InfluencingNegative
Head Tag Link Rel edituri9.49 %InfluencingNegative
Head Tag Link Rel icon11.42 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel image_src5.95 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel index2.20 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel next6.48 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel pingback7.40 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel prev5.48 %InfluencingNegative
Head Tag Link Rel publisher2.44 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel search8.62 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel shortcut icon38.96 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel shortlink4.50 %ImportantNegative
Head Tag Link Rel start1.50 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel stylesheet76.09 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Link Rel wlwmanifest7.10 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta http-equiv content-language6.57 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta http-equiv content-style-type2.65 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta http-equiv content-type66.07 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta http-equiv expires0.98 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta http-equiv imagetoolbar3.50 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta http-equiv pragma2.52 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta http-equiv X-UA-Compatible12.04 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name application-name2.28 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name author10.33 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name copyright5.44 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name DC.language2.74 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name DC.title3.16 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name description55.98 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name distribution2.73 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name generator17.37 %RelevantNegative
Head Tag Meta name google-site-verification7.97 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name keywords45.35 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name language2.72 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name msapplication-task2.11 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name msapplication-tooltip1.79 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name msapplication-window1.58 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name MSSmartTagsPreventParsing1.72 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name msvalidate.013.10 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name rating2.47 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name revisit-after3.16 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name robots18.53 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name title6.22 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name verify-v14.12 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name viewport7.27 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta name y key2.27 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta property fb:admins5.68 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta property fb:app_id11.75 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta property fb:page_id2.31 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta property og:description13.87 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta property og:image18.09 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta property og:title19.17 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta property og:type17.55 %MinimalMinimal
Head Tag Meta property og:url17.61 %MinimalMinimal
Body Length87.97 %InfluencingNegative
Body Tag Total Count87.39 %MinimalMinimal
Body Comments Count70.52 %MinimalMinimal
Body Spaces Count87.77 %MinimalMinimal
Body Contains AdSense Code11.80 %MinimalMinimal
Body Form Tag button10.92 %MinimalMinimal
Body Form Tag form63.67 %MinimalMinimal
Body Form Tag input64.17 %MinimalMinimal
Body Form Tag label31.27 %RelevantNegative
Body Form Tag option16.94 %MinimalMinimal
Body Form Tag select17.24 %MinimalMinimal
Body Form Tag textarea10.62 %ImportantNegative
Body Tag a86.10 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag br71.11 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag div81.80 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag font18.17 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag g:plusone9.73 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag H156.11 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag H250.89 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag H342.79 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag hr18.00 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag iframe23.59 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag img83.39 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag li68.93 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag link8.96 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag ol13.06 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag p78.24 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag script74.05 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag span71.34 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag style16.43 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag table48.11 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag td47.95 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag tr47.88 %MinimalMinimal
Body Tag ul68.18 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class active8.59 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class clear19.62 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class clearfix10.07 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class content34.96 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class first11.90 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class footer43.67 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class header35.94 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class last13.41 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class logo25.07 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class menu14.69 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class right8.70 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class selected6.93 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class text9.35 %MinimalMinimal
Body Class title16.58 %MinimalMinimal
Body Id container12.82 %MinimalMinimal
Body Id content26.01 %MinimalMinimal
Body Id fb-root14.62 %InfluencingNegative
Body Id footer37.05 %MinimalMinimal
Body Id header29.96 %MinimalMinimal
Body Id logo16.14 %MinimalMinimal
Body Id main12.53 %MinimalMinimal
Body Id search11.55 %MinimalMinimal
Body Id wrapper11.09 %MinimalMinimal
Body Rel author4.11 %MinimalMinimal
Body Rel bookmark4.40 %InfluencingNegative
Body Rel category tag3.02 %RelevantNegative
Body Rel license0.95 %MinimalMinimal
Body Rel next2.39 %RelevantNegative
Body Rel nofollow23.15 %RelevantNegative
Body Rel stylesheet7.99 %MinimalMinimal
Body Rel tag4.19 %RelevantNegative